Maike Hemmers


Maike Hemmers (1987, Germany) is an artist based in Rotterdam. The resonance between matter lies at the core of her work: our subjective experience is always part of a collective feedback loop. This she expresses by engaging in a variety of collaborations, during the making of a work as well as the engagement with the public. She develops spirited connections through colorful, fuzzy and abstract drawings, textile sculptures and workshops. Art becomes an extension of emergent, bodily signals through a transmission of sensual experiences. For that she researches and uses somatic practices that observe the body and mind as whole, to understand and depict how affects and relationships move through us. Those notions get activated in the working methodology, the formal expression in material, as well as group exchanges through workshops. Maike Hemmers has received her MFA in 2017 at the Dutch Art Institute (NL). Her work has been shown at Kunstinstituut Melly (NL), Tent (NL), Milieu (CH), Firstdraft (AUS) among many others. Some of Hemmers' writing can be found online at Nero Editions and The Site Magazine. Her work is supported by Mondriaan Fonds, CBK Rotterdam and Prins Bernhard Fonds.